Part II {Andante con mosso}

Part II

{Andante con mosso}


Encircling Reflections


Horowitz liked to say, “Think orchestrally - play pianistically.”  But what does that mean?  What are the means and techniques of pianistic orchestration?  What is the difference between Energy and Emotion?  What is the Music Theory behind defining Energy Pillars?  These are the lingering questions that are explored further in these pages.  In Part I, I’ve tried to simplify the concepts without over-simplifying, but in Part II I’d like to penetrate more deeply and broadly.  Sometimes the most precious jewels lay deeply enshrouded in stone, or a stone’s throw away.

In my own teaching and studies, I’ve learned that sometimes approaching a subject from a slightly different angle opens the door to new insights and deepens comprehension.  In Schubertian fashion, Part II occasionally meanders into related aspects of pianistic thought and practice, from Practicing, Accompanying, and Using the Metronome to Integrity and Persona. 

Most of Part II is less dense than Part I, and you’re invited to read it comfortably, con mosso.  


This is the real secret of life — 

to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. 

And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.

~ Alan Watts