Founded in 2009, The Carolina Philharmonic has quickly grown into one of the leading orchestras of North Carolina. What sets us apart onstage is our visceral joy in sharing the music and the stories behind the music with our audiences.

Expect more of a concert experience.

Let the music move you, transform you, transport you. 


Symphonic music, since the time of the Joseph Haydn, has been an elitist art form. The ambiance at typical concerts to this day is more often than not cool and proper, even stiff. It can feel like the conductor and musicians are separated from the audience, set apart in their own world. 

We seek to break down the barriers between the stage and create a heated visceral ambiance for experiencing music with the vivacity and freshness of when it first formed in the composer's imagination.

Join us - music is a shared adventure between each musician onstage and each of you in the audience.

image by John Gessner

image by John Gessner