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[updated 8-20-19] 

Returning as well as new 2019/2020 students: Online Pre-registration is required for all students.

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A Brief History 

Several years ago, due to statewide budget cuts in Education, Moore County Schools lost their elementary school Junior Orchestra Program. The Carolina Philharmonic, together with violinist/educator Karen Lewis, decided to relaunch the program in 2011 with private funding from Philharmonic patrons. She later handed over the lead baton to April Collins, who over the past three years has guided a team of teachers and apprentices that has continued to build the program in phenomenal ways. We currently serve about 100 children grades three through twelve, with beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

The Carolina Philharmonic Junior Orchestra (CPJO) also provides exciting performing opportunities for young musicians in Moore County, NC. Focusing exclusively on strings, children learn to play violin, viola, cello or bass, performing music for string orchestra while focusing on excellent playing technique, sight reading skills, and group ensemble skills.

May 2017: CPJO students performed next to the Carolina Philharmonic for the 2016-17 Season Finale at Sandhills Community College.

May 2017: CPJO students performed next to the Carolina Philharmonic for the 2016-17 Season Finale at Sandhills Community College.

Classes and Locations

2018/19 Class Schedule

  • Sandhills Community College (SCC): Our new home location is at The Carolina Philharmonic's home campus, Sandhills Community College, in the band room of Wellard Hall (room 101). There will be three classes at SCC:

    • Mozart class (absolute beginner/beginner)
      Day/time: Mondays, 3:30-4:30 pm, starting on September 10.
      Teacher: Ms. April Collins

    • Haydn class (intermediate)
      Day/time: Mondays, 4:45-5:45 pm starting on September 10.
      Teacher: Ms. Ann Cockman

    • Beethoven class (advanced)
      Day/time: Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30 pm, starting on August 22.
      Teacher: Ms. April Collins

  • Aberdeen Elementary School (AES) Auditorium

    • Mozart class (absolute beginner/beginner)

    • Day/time: Tuesdays, 3:30-5:00 pm, starting on September 11.

    • Teacher: Mr. William Smith

    • Note: Enrollment exclusively for AES students. AES Junior Orchestra students will have the option of being looked after from dismissal at the end of the school day and the 3:30pm start on Tuesdays by AES or, if a member of the B&G Club of the Sandhills and registered for the AES B&G program, by the B&G Club.

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sandhills, S. Pines main location

    • Unfortunately, due to lack of classroom space, the Philharmonic is not currently able to continue our class at The Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills main campus in Southern Pines. (Note: this class was last year held at the Trinity Community Outreach Center. As of this Fall, the Trinity site will be used by the B&G Club for K-2 students.)

Placement in Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven classes

Starting last year, we have class names! Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven roughly equates to Absolute Beginner/Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, respectively. All classes have size limits and we have a limited number of loaner violins, violas, cellos and basses. Priority is given to 1) returning students, 2) their siblings, and 3) new students in order of pre-registration received.   

  • Mozart Class: Our "Mozart" class is for absolute beginners and beginners, grades 3-12. No placement is necessary to sign up for this class. (Rare exceptions may be made for students younger than 3rd grade, at the sole discretion of the teacher and the JO Program Director.) Mozart classes take place at SCC and AES. Our 2019-2020 Mozart Class teachers are Ms. April Collins and Ms. Becky Anliker.

  • Haydn Class: Our "Haydn" class is open to students who have completed one year of Junior Orchestra or have sufficient prior training on their instrument. Our Junior Orchestra teachers will be able to help place students. The 2018-19 Haydn class will be taught by Ms. Ann Cockman.

  • Beethoven Class: Our "Beethoven" class is open to only the most advanced of our students and requires the highest at-home practice commitment. Benefits include the greatest number of public performance opportunities. (Note: each of these additional performances is optional and at the discretion of the teacher.) Admittance to the class is by try-out only. Try-outs take place at the first two classes. The 2019-2020 Beethoven class will be taught by the Junior Orchestra Program Director, Ms. April Collins.

Orientation/Registration/Program Fees


Thursday, August 29, 5-7 pm, Pinehurst Village Hall or

Tuesday, Sept. 3, 5-7 pm, Pinehurst Village Hall

  • Orientation/Registration for new students, as well as students requesting loaner instruments, is on Thursday, Aug. 29, from 5-7pm or Tuesday, Sept. 3, from 5-7 pm at Pinehurst Village Hall (395 Magnolia Road, Pinehurst, NC 28374). Students must be pre-registered using the online form below before attending Orientation.

  • Please come by either day between 5-7pm, allowing at least 30-45 minutes to register. Junior Orchestra teachers will be available to assist with questions and assigning loaner instruments.

Program Fees 

There are three costs for parents: 1) the Annual Tuition Fee, the Music Book, and the CPJO T-shirt. 

  1. 2018-19 Annual Tuition Fee

    • SCC classes: The Annual Tuition Fee for all of our classes at our main location, Sandhills Community College, is $100. If paid in full at the beginning of the school-year, by Sept. 28, 2018 at the latest, there is a 10% discount (i.e. $90). Otherwise, you may pay $50 by September 28, 2018, and the remaining $50 by January 18, 2019. All students must commit to the full school-year.

    • Aberdeen Elementary School: A special reduced Annual Tuition Fee for students at AES is $50. This amount must be paid in full by cash or check by Sept. 28, 2018.

  2. Music book: Violin: $7; viola/cello/bass: $10

  3. CPJO t-shirt: is $10 (mandatory for performances, (available in Oct. 2018)

Payment methods:   checks are our preferred method of payment

  • Check: Make checks payable to: Carolina Philharmonic. Once registration is confirmed, you may submit payment in person at Orientation, or mail to The Carolina Philharmonic, 5 Market Square, Pinehurst, 28374.

  • Cash

  • Credit Card: Credit card payments require a convenience fee of $4. There will be a credit card payment form at Orientation or at the Carolina Philharmonic Box Office (5 Market Square, Pinehurst). Payment will be processed within several business days of being submitted.

Scholarships and Loaner Instruments 


  • The Annual Tuition Fee represents a significant scholarship for all Junior Orchestra students. (The actual annual tuition cost would otherwise be approximately $300/student.)

  • All students at the Aberdeen Elementary School class receive additional scholarship, already calculated into the $50 Annual Tuition Fee at those locations.

  • For students at our Sandhills Community College classes, a limited number of partial scholarships (50% of the tuition fee) are available based on need and commitment to the program. Click here to download the Scholarship Application Form. Please fill out the form and then email to

Loaner Instruments:

For Mozart Class (absolute beginner/beginner) students, we have a limited number of loaner violins, violas, cellos and basses. Priority is given to 1) returning students, 2) their siblings, and 3) new students in order of pre-registration received. We can also recommend economic options for purchasing instruments.  


CPJO performs as separate and combined ensemble in three primary concerts: one in Winter (December), and two in Spring (May), the latter of which is a side-by-side performance with Maestro Wolff and The Carolina Philharmonic in their Season Finale.

(For more information about The Carolina Philharmonic performances and tickets, check the Online Box Office.)

Additionally, there are numerous opportunities, mainly for the Haydn and Beethoven ensembles, or subsets thereof, to perform in various venues in the community for special events throughout the year. Participation in these additional performances is at the discretion of the Junior Orchestra Program Director.

Our Facebook Page

For CPJO event updates on Facebook, click here


Online Pre-Registration 2019/2020

Student Name *
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All returning and new students are required to pre-register using the online registration form to express your intent to participate in the Junior Orchestra 2019/2020 program. You will be contacted by the Junior Orchestra Administrator within a few days. Class space is limited and enrollment priority is given to returning students/families. 


October 2016: Southern Pines Gracious Living

October 2016: Southern Pines Gracious Living

Benefits of Participating in the CPJO

  • String orchestra for young musicians with/without experience

  • Formal musical training for 9 months

  • Discipline, organization and teamwork

  • Performance opportunities in the community (Intermediate and Advanced groups)

  • Performance with The Carolina Philharmonic

  • Complimentary tickets for CPJO students to all of The Carolina Philharmonic concerts (with adult general admission ticket purchased)

  • Participation in the Carnegie Hall Link Up performance for fourth graders in the CPJO.



We are growing! We are looking for COMMUNITY LEADERS!

In order to build a stronger orchestra program for our young musicians, we need the time, effort and talents of dedicated volunteers. There are numerous opportunities to get involved in the Carolina Philharmonic, and you can dedicate few hours, days or even months to the organization. These are some of the areas we need your support:

Name *

Advertising, fundraising, class assistance, public relations, music education programs, grant writers, concerts and events.

Sign up to be a CPJO volunteer and make a difference by helping our young stars!

Fill our this online form to join our volunteer team. Have other skills or talents not mentioned above? Please share!

Support the Philharmonic's Educational Outreach Programs

2018 CPJO Spring Concert at Aberdeen Elementary.

2018 CPJO Spring Concert at Aberdeen Elementary.

The Carolina Philharmonic serves several thousand children every year with Encore! Kids (grades K-2), Link Up(grades 3-5) and the Junior Orchestra programs, yet we receive no state or governmental funding. What we do is made possible only through private donations. The actual per-student cost to participate in the Junior Orchestra is $300 per year; thanks to the support of a broad base of local, private community supporters, The Carolina Philharmonic aims to meet some of the costs through year-round fundraising efforts. Please support The Phil to keep our program alive and offer this orchestra experience to more kids in Moore County!


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