Dodging Hurricanes


The passing threat of hurricane gave the three of us a chance to huddle in our downstairs bathroom for some quality family time. Love the rain!

For 30 minutes outside of time and reason, logic abandoned all, and my mind spun from swaying pines to singing in the rain to one of my favorite Broadway tunes about finding unexpected clarity under the New York rain...

As a sometimes New Yorker (yes, I know there's no such thing), I often miss the city.

You know, when you're late for an appointment, stuck in the back of a yellow cab trying to cross town at rush hour, not moving half as fast as you would if actually crawling on all fours because of a horse carriage right in front of you – that discordant, incongruous invocation of bygone days? I love that!!

Almost as much as "New York, New York" itself, there's a song that captures the city, and love, and rain... in the most extraordinary, funny and unexpected way: "Fine" by up-and-coming Broadway composer/lyricist Adam Gwon. 

(Remember Lisa Brescia, who sang with the Philharmonic at our packed "A Night on Broadway" concert in May? Well here's a reminder of why the audience (and all of us up onstage) fell in love with her.

DOn't miss "A Night On Broadway" on May 14, 3pm and 7pm, featuring Broadway Stars Caroline Bowman and Bobby Thornton Conte. Expected to sell out several weeks early. 

(there are no online fees, and tax is included.) 

You may also get tickets at our Box Office (5 Market Square, Pinehurst, open weekdays 10am-4pm), by calling the ever-friendly Sherry at 910-687-0287. 

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