Ubiquity: Music and Garbage


Define Music.


Go ahead, take a moment...


What is it?

Why is it?


For some, music is simply one of life's many luxuries. Ubiquitous as water, it makes tasty more refreshing.

For others, it's as necessary and pleasurable as a cool glass of water after a long walk through the scorching desert; it's essential, life-giving, life-affirming.


Like many of you, I've spent a lifetime under Music's spell, and it's my lifeline, my muse, my better self. It elevates and transports me.

Music makes me believe.


Yet I can't define Music; it defies math or science or rhyme or reason, while encompassing them all in a ball of string as if it were a game.


I know only that Music muliplies dimensions, vibrates the soul and turns an otherwise black-and-white existence into searing, piercing, panoramic color, an endless horizon of opportunity and experience. 


But what if the life you were dealt didn't allow for music, or any luxury whatsoever? What if your only playground were a landfill void of hope, garbage your only plaything?


And what if Music then rescued you, and you discovered an insatiable thirst you'd never known, not only for Music, but for Learning, for Life, Hope?


Watch this 3-minute video and rediscover what Music is to you.



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